Group Leader Information

Travel for Free – Host Benefits
As the group leader, you travel for free. We can provide your group tour quote based on the number of free trips you will need. Group leaders generally request one free trip for every 20 pilgrims, one free for 15, or one free for 10. Please let us know your preference, and we will quote your religious group tour accordingly.

What We Do For You
From start to finish, we guide you through your religious group travel experience. And we take work off your plate. Your job is simple. Gather the pilgrims. We handle the rest.

We create a color promotional brochure and registration form. We handle all collection of monies and invoices. We ship final travel documents to the passengers. We make all the bookings for your complete tour – airlines, hotels, buses, guides, visits, and private Masses. At your destination, we provide you with a professional tour manager to be with you every day.

Your Group Leader Role
Your primary responsibility is to recruit a minimum of 20 people to travel with you. We suggest you also host a pre-departure information meeting before your trip. We can assist with that meeting, either by attending and presenting in person or providing you with a video version of our pre-departure presentation. Overseas, your designated tour manager at your destination will handle all the arrangements on the ground and manage the group’s movement and activities on a daily basis.

Planning Timeline
We recommend you start planning your religious group travel experience one year in advance. Your travelers will need that much time to plan their budget and their calendars. We will provide you with the promotional brochure eleven-months prior to your departure date. Final payment for all travelers is due three months prior to departure. So, you will have from eleven months before departure up to three months before departure to sell your trip – giving you eight months of promotional time to gather your travelers and sell out your trip.

Best Time of Year to Travel
You should consider three primary factors when planning your travel: crowds, weather, and price. These factors are also influenced by your destination of choice. November is fine for Italy, but too cold for the United Kingdom. Airfares to Europe and the Holy Land are highest in June through August, so fewer groups tend to travel then. Many groups are discovering the benefits of off-season travel, with smaller crowds and lower prices. We can help you find the best time to meet your group’s needs. We will gladly guide you through this thought process in a telephone conversation.