Pilgrimage changes us

by Scott Scherer

On pilgrimage, we are opened up inside to God. Somehow on pilgrimage, we find ourselves starting to act differently toward others. We gradually notice how things that used to irritate us now don’t trip our trigger. We act with more tolerance, even kindness, toward a fellow pilgrim. A new patience inhabits us. We become more loving.

Sometimes pilgrimage inspires us to the point of our being overwhelmed by God’s presence. We may spill over into spontaneous expressions of gratitude, sometimes even into dance.

This is exactly what happened to the beloved Brother Angelo, a Passionist brother whose moving pilgrimage story is told on this heart-rendering nine-minute documentary. Your heart will be deeply touched as you hear Brother Angelo tell his story of spilling over into dance for God while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Scott Scherer is president of Catholic Travel Centre, which provides customized pilgrimages for more than 400 Catholic organizations across the United States. 

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