Online Payment


Welcome to Catholic Travel Centre’s Online Payment Service!

Our online payment service is available at no extra charge to our registered tour passengers. With access to our online payment service, not only can you make your tour payments online, but you also can view your account, check invoices, verify credits, and view payments received and applied to your account.

Register today. It’s free!

An email address is required in order to register for the Online Payment Service. As such, you need to have provided Catholic Travel Centre with your email address on your initial Registration Form.

If your email address was included on your Registration Form, then you should have received from us an “Account Activation” email, welcoming you to the Online Payment Service and providing instructions on how to enroll securely. You will need to locate that Account Activation email we sent you. In order to register securely, you must register through the Account Activation email, as well it contains important information on how to register for the online service.


Already registered for Online Payment?

Visit the secure Online Payments site, and enter your User Name and Password, and click LOGIN.

Need to register for Online Payment?

Locate your “Account Activation” email, click the link in the email, and follow the instructions to register securely for Online Payment access.

Can’t find your activation email?

If you cannot locate your Account Activation email, please search your inbox, spam and junk folders for the subject line “Catholic Travel Centre.” You must have access to the information in your Account Activation email in order to register securely for Online Payment access.

Need to request another Account Activation email?

Even if after checking your inbox, spam, and junk folders, you cannot locate your Account Activation email, please visit the secure Online Payments site. Do not enter any information; simply click REGISTER. At the next screen, enter your Customer Number and the Email Address you used when you registered for your tour. Your Customer Number can be found on your invoice or statement.

For further assistance, please contact Heidi Martin at Catholic Travel Centre, or call (800) 553-5233 or (818) 848-9449.