Ireland and England Itineraries

Sample itineraries below for group travel of 20 or more persons. Dates and pricing determined following meeting with Group Leader.

9-Days: A Spiritual Journey to Ireland

Galway, Knock, Ring of Kerry, Waterford and Dublin – a classic trip for budget minded groups.

12-Days: A Benedictine Journey to England

Visit all the major Benedictine sites in the United Kingdom.

9-Days: A Journey to England in the Footsteps of St. Thomas Moore

A unique visit to the United Kingdom focusing on the life of St. Thomas More.

13-Days: A Journey to Scotland & England

Edinburgh, Ely, Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich – a very comprehensive tour of the British Isles.

10-Days: Ireland: A Spiritual Journey

Similar to the 9-day journey, but with more time in Dublin.

14-Days: Ireland & England: Sacred Sites

Offers a few days in London, plus a full-tour of Ireland.

11-Days: England & Scotlands Holy Sites

Edinburgh, Lake District, York, Norwich, Cambridge, London & Canterbury.

14-Days: A Pilgrimage to Ireland and Northern Ireland

A geat inclusive visit of Ireland with the north and south - Belfast, Londonderry, Dublin, Galway and more.

11-Days: A Journey to Ireland

Our most popular Ireland trip, with Galway, Killarney, Cork, Waterford and Dublin – loads of fun!

14-Days: A Spiritual Journey to Ireland

A comprehensive visit of the south – hitting all the major tourist and spiritual sites.

11-Days: A Journey to Ireland Exploring Celtic Spirituality

A tour of the Emerald Isle with emphasis on Celtic sites, plus all the classics in Dublin, Galway, and beyond.

16-Days: A Grand Pilgrimage to Ireland and Northern Ireland

You will not find a more comprehensive tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland – includes all the classic sites.