Holy Land Itineraries

Sample itineraries below for group travel of 20 or more persons. Dates and pricing determined following meeting with Group Leader.

8-Days: Highlights of the Holy Land

Includes major sites in a brief tour

12-Days: Holy Land & Rome

Life of Jesus, plus the life of the Early Church in Rome

10-Days: A Holy Land Journey

Our most popular Holy Land pilgrimage

13-Days: Holy Land & Jordan

Includes Amman & Petra in Jordan

12-Days: A Holy Land Pilgrimage

Ideal for groups wanting more in-depth experience

13-Days: Holy Land & Mt. Sinai

Featuring site of Moses and Ten Commandments

14-Days: A Holy Land Experience

Our most comprehensive Holy Land journey

14-Days: Holy Land, Mt. Sinai, plus Cairo

Includes major visits in Cairo, plus Sinai

14-Days: Holy Land & Greece

Includes sites in life of St. Paul in Greece