God’s Will in Pope Francis

Believing in the will of God means believing in God’s divine plan for humanity and His desire to see the plan fulfilled.

We often look for God’s will in our lives, especially when we are in a difficult situation or need to make an important decision. Obeying what we know and doing what He asks us to do right now in the present moment is the only way to know for sure what He is asking us to do. And once we do, we wait for God to reveal what is next.

With each step we take with God, we are strengthened to take the next. This is how we will of Godlearn to walk with God in decisions big and small.

Sister Candida Bellotti, a religious sister who celebrated her 107th birthday at daily Mass with Pope Francis February 20, believes Pope Francis is God’s will.

“If God wanted us to have Pope Francis, it’s because it was already in his eternal mind,” said Sister Candida Bellotti in statements to Catholic News Agency. “He is the right person for our time, and we need to respect him because it is God’s will.”

Sister Bellotti also offered insightful words about the happiness born out of gratitude:  “What we really need in life is to give thanks to God for what he gives us. Because that is the only thing that will make man happy.”

For more inspiring words from this Sister whose life has been dedicated to serving the sick, read the full article on the Catholic News Agency website.

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