Our Mission and Story

J. Scott Scherer - President

J. Scott Scherer – President

Catholic Travel Centre caters to the needs of religious group travel organizers, including parish priests, sisters, brothers, deacons, and lay leaders alike.

Our Mission
To provide you and your pilgrims with a customized religious group travel experience that is professionally organized and at the same time, responsive to the spiritual purpose of your journey, so that you and your pilgrims return home deeply enriched in body, mind and soul.

A Testimonial:
“Catholic Travel Centre provides the BEST in religious group travel and custom-made pilgrimages… service is first rate… the most trusted name in religious group travel.”
Rev. T.A.K., Massachusetts

Our Mission and Story

Our Story

Catholic Travel Centre’s beginnings date back to the early 1980s, when the company’s founder, Scott Scherer, decided to use his business skills to help fundraise for the Catholic Church.

Pilgrimage Expertise
After graduating from Duke University in 1981, Scott was recruited to the Marketing Department of a Fortune 100 company. However, he soon sensed his fit would be better elsewhere, outside the world of corporate marketing.

Scott soon left the corporate world to work for a small, southern diocese. While living at a local retreat center and still fundraising for the Church, Scott began to organize pilgrimages. He quickly discovered his passion for pilgrimage – a passion shared by his mentor, the Reverend Msgr. John Wall, a diocesan priest, who tutored Scott on the spiritual dimension of pilgrimage.

Passion for Pilgrimage
For the next seven years, Scott’s business grew as he fostered his passion for pilgrimage, leading groups with Fr. Wall throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Throughout his journeys, Scott perceived a need within the religious group travel market — a need for a pilgrimage company whose spiritual understanding matched its travel professionalism.

In 1991, Scott moved to Los Angeles to share his passion with Henry Avakian, a veteran in religious group travel. Thirty years his senior, Henry taught Scott the essentials of managing a successful group tour company.

Together they founded Catholic Travel Centre. In 1994, Henry passed away, leaving Catholic Travel Centre to Scott’s leadership.

Our Vision
In Scott’s words, the vision of Catholic Travel Centre is a melding of the influence of his two beloved mentors, Msgr. John Wall and Mr. Henry Avakian. Because of the tutelage of these two men, Scott and his team have been able to create a company known for its high-quality of service to meet both the spiritual needs and the travel needs of Catholic pilgrims.

The most trusted name in religious group travel

Since its founding in 1991, Catholic Travel Centre has earned the reputation — as christened by one of CTC’s many repeat clients — as “the most trusted name in religious group travel.” The entire CTC team shares this commitment to excellence, and is dedicated professionally and spiritually to ensuring the best experience for their pilgrims.