Spain and Portugal Itineraries

Sample itineraries below for group travel of 20 or more persons. Dates and pricing determined following meeting with Group Leader.

7-Days: An Iberian Marian Journey

Madrid, Fatima & Lisbon highlights.

12-Days: Spain: The Road to Santiago de Compostela

Follow the Northern Route of the Road to Santiago.

7-Days: A Spiritual Journey to Spain & Portugal

An emphasis on Portugal, with Santiago, plus Porto, Fatima, Coimbra and Lisbon.

12-Days: Spain & Portugal: Barcelona to Fatima

Begin in Barcelona, then to Zaragoza, Madrid, Salamanca, Fatima and Lisbon.

7-Days: A Pilgrimage to Portugal

Visits Lisbon and Fatima, with Nazare, Batalha, Obidos and other charming Portuguese stops. Ideal for groups on a budget wanting to focus on Fatima.

13-Days: Marian Shrines of Spain

A novel approach to Spain – includes Our Lady of the Pilar and Our Lady of Montserrat, plus Madrid, San Sebastian and even Lourdes.

9-Days: Madrid to Santiago: The Way of the Saints

Madrid, Segovia, Avila & Santiago de Compostela.

13-Days: In the Footsteps of Ignatius in Spain, plus Lourdes

Quite a comprehensive Ignatian itinerary starting in Madrid, with Loyola and Barcelona, plus a couple nights in Lourdes on the way.

11-Days: In the Footsteps of Ignatius of Loyola & Francis Xavier

An ideal Ignatian Heritage experience, including Loyola, Montserrat, Manresa, and Barcelona.

13-Days: A Journey to Spain & Portugal, plus Lourdes

One of our most popular Spain & Portugal itineraries – includes Lisbon, Fatima, Santiago, Lourdes, Zaragoza and Barcelona.

11-Days: Spain & Portugal: Madrid to Fatima

An often requested itinerary, starting in Madrid, plus Toledo, Avila, Segovia, Nazare, Fatima & Lisbon.

14-Days: The Grand Pilgrimage to Spain & Portugal

Another popular option with Madrid, Segovia, Avila, Leon, Santiago, Fatima & Lisbon.

11-Days: Spain & Portugal: Santiago & Fatima

Start in Fatima, then to Santiago, Salamanca, Madrid, Avila, Segovia and Toledo.

16-Days: The Way of the Saints & the Marian Way

The grand tour of the Iberian Peninsula, including Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago, Fatima, Lisbon and much more!

Santiago de Compostela Itineraries

In the year 2004, in honor of the Holy Year at Santiago de Compostela we created a special set of itineraries which you'll find here.