A Choir’s Spiritual & Musical Journey to Italy

There is something special that happens in one’s soul when listening to a church choir perform sacred music. And it is particularly stirring when a choir sings in the beautiful, sacred spaces where choral traditions began. The choir’s voices become part of and are enriched by a place of worship that is centuries old, whose walls generously reflect back the songs of prayer.

Giving their talents to the grace of God in these places is often the pinnacle of a choir member’s musical, spiritual journey. We are fortunate to help many choirs realize this dream by offering Catholic Choir tours that weave together the art of the choir’s song, a spiritual pilgrimage, and a cultural journey for life changing experiences in the most renowned Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world.

Churches and other venues, perhaps visited previously, take on a completely different feel when one is privileged enough perform in these spaces. And for fellow parishioners traveling with a Catholic Church choir on a spiritual tour, the experience is equally as moving.

In November 2012, we took the St. John Vianney Catholic Church Choir of Houston, Texas, along with other parishioners from their church, on a spiritual choir tour to Rome. Their paster, Very Rev. Troy Gately, led the group’s spiritual journey, with musical direction provided by Music Director Mr. Michael Madrid.

Listen and watch the video above, as the group’s leaders tell their story of musical spiritual pilgrimage and how their Catholic Choir tour led them to continue to grow in faith as a community.


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